Face Recognition for Court Defendants 

Face Recognition for Court Defendants 

Las Vegas, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Face-Six, a global face recognition vendor announced today the release of its FA6 Match – a new face recognition service designed to help criminal lawyers protect their customers from false allegations of identification.

The Face-Six’s service runs a matching process between the video footage of the criminal taken from the crime scene and the reference photo of the suspect. A facial recognition expert is then analyzing the output of the Face-Six software and produces a detailed 9 pages report that can serve as an expert opinion in court.

“We are pleased to offer criminal lawyers and the public defense a very beneficial service to help to acquit their customers in cases where CCTV evidence plays a significant role,” said Moshe Greenshpan, Founder & CEO of Face-Six. “Our facial recognition software is highly accurate, which means that in the worst case it will not be able to identify you because of low-quality video, but it will never replace you with someone else”.

The release of the new FA6 Match service comes after ongoing requests from private and public lawyers to the company – asking for a scientific method to prove to the court that the criminal shown on the CCTV camera is not their accused customer. “The Israeli Ministry of Justice was the first customer to use our service but then we started receiving phone calls from lawyers from Israel and the US” concluded Greenshpan.

Although facial recognition technology has been criticized for undermining privacy rights, the new FA6 Match service creates an opposite effect and helps fighting possible false allegations by the persecution which might eventually lead to acquit the innocents.

FA6 Match service comes with a cost-effective price tag of USD 2,180.

About Face-Six:
Face-Six is a leading face recognition vendor, which develops and markets cutting-edge facial recognition software. Face-Six offers ready-to-use solutions to the government, commercial and private sectors. The company develops solutions for hospitals, security agencies, schools, and more.

Face-Six is also the creator of Churchix – a face recognition software for event attendance at churches.